Base Dietetica De Leche (Proceso en frío)

A no-sucrose-added Cold Process Base for gelato that is sweetened with fructose. Perfect for making gelato for those who prefer not to consume sucrose. Use this Base with any of our sugar-free PreGel Traditional Pastes such as Cacaopat (Chocolate – Unsweetened), Green Pure Pistachio (Slightly Roasted Pure Pistachio), Pistachio Primavera, Pure Pistachio Anatolia, Hazelnut Piemonte (Dark Roasted Hazelnut), Hazelnut Regina (Premium Light Toasted Hazelnut), Peanut, and Salted Peanut.

Código 08208
Aplicaciones Gelato,Ice Cream,Soft Serve
Embalaje 8 bolsas x 2 kg
process Cold Process
Gluten Free
Palm Oil Free